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    Can program PRoC 4 with graphical PSoC Programmer, but not with cli


      I have a miniprog3 attached to a CYBLE-012011 PRoC 4 device. I can program the device with PSoC Creator and with the graphical PSoC Programmer - but I am running into trouble with the command line version. Even though I am setting the protocol to SWD it seems to fail with "Device is not in ISSP mode" error. 

      Here is my console output: 

      Windows PowerShell 
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      PS C:\Users\ba\firmware_server\factory> & 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\Programmer\ppcli' 

      >OpenPort MiniProg3/1540BB000009 "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Cypress\\Programmer" 

      0 OK 
      >HEX_ReadFile "c:\\Users\\ba\\firmware_server\\sumpit\\v2_cypress.hex" 
      0 OK 
      >SetAcquireMode "Reset" 

      0 OK 
      >SetProtocol 8 

      0 OK 
      >SetPowerVoltage 3.3 

      0 OK 
      >SetProtocolConnector 0 

      0 OK 


      Device is not in ISSP mode. 
      Acquire returned 80004005 
      80004005 OK 




      Am I doing something wrong?  I am surprised that it is trying to use ISSP mode since the manual says that protocol 8 is SWD.