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    Resistive touch with the Segger EmWin Problem


      Dear All,


      I am having problem with a resistive touch and the EmWin Library. I am using CY8CKIT050 kit and a GLCD bought to Mikroelectronika, called PSOC TFT Expansion Board, which is a color display 320x240px Touchpanel. This module use ILI9441 driver. Please find attached the documentation of this GLCD.


      I have installed the EmWin library and able to build and program all the sample codes coming with the library except the two samples regarding touch panel (TOUCH_Calibrate.c and TOUCH_Sample.c). Even I am able to run these two programs in the emWIN Simulator downloaded from Segger.


       I have tested the display with the code supported by Mikroelectonika so the dsplay and the hardware setup ( pins assigments) works perfect so I think is not a hardware problem.


      I am using PSOC Creator 4.0.


      I leave my project so you can have a look. Any comment would be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance,