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    HELP PLEASE amplification using only PSoC 5lp components


      Hi, for my college thesis I'm trying to implemet ecg amplifer without any external components(!!!), and I need some help. I'm using PSoC 5lp cy8ckit-059. I found this picture of ecg amplifier circuit somewhere (attached 1st pic). First two PGAs are instrumentation amplifier. I also found that for instrumentation amplifier PGA gain has to be 2. (2nd pic). But I have to achieve amplification somewhere aroud 1000. So if i put the 3rd PGA (after filters) G=50, with first two PGAs (before filter) G=2, where can i squeeze the rest needed amplificaiton=5 (or 4) so the whole amplification is 2*2*50*5=1000 (or 2*2*50*4=800)? 




      Thank you