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    Connecting a bus with an index offset in schematic






      I have a control register (8 bit wide bus) in my schematic, and I want to take that bus and run it to two places.  the first destination is just a straight connection bit for bit.  for the other destination, I want to send the control register's upper 7 bits to the destinations lower 7 bits (a right shift, effectively) and concatenate a different wire onto the upper input.  




      something like:


      assign destination_reg[7:0] =  {single_bit , control_reg[7:1]}




      such that if single_bit is 1, and control_reg was 00110101, that destination_reg[7:0] would be 10011010




      what is the best way to do this in the schematic editor?  I don't know how to manipulate the buses well enough.  I could make 7 series-pairs of not gates (effectively a buffer), and assign the inputs to the upper bits of the control_reg bus, then assign the outputs to the lower bits of the destination_reg, but that's really messy.