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    Configure and connect LCD on CY8CKIT-059 (PSoC 5)




      I'm french student in electrical engineering and I work on a school project of "touch keyboard" with the technology CapSense.


      I work with the CY8CKIT-059 (and PSoC Creator). The purpose of my project is to realize a touch keyboard with 9 touch (1 to 9) and I fixed a code of 4 numbers (such as a password). When you type to correct code, a green led is flashing and at the contrary, when you tape a wrong code, a red led is flashing. I have written my program in C language  on PSoC creator and it work really good. 


      Now I want to add a LCD (162B Series, by Displaytech Ltd.). I have realised some tests but it's not work...  Severals pins of my kit are used.. I pluged 7 threads from my LCD to the kit. I also added the "block LCD" on PSoC Creator.


      But how configure my LCD from PSoC Creator..  ? 


      And are there some pins reserve for the LCD ? 




      Thanks you very much ! :)