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    Exchanging .o (object) files for algorithm IP protection


      This is more of a "fundamental C" question, where we are using the PSOC5LP to accomplish our task.  Here goes:


      Problem statement:


      We have a "special.c" file in PSOC creator, that has some of our special proprietary algorithms.  We know they work on our PSOC5 development board through testing and debugging.  We want to allow our customer to use the algorithms, but we do NOT want them to "see" the algorithms (I.E. the "special.c" file should be a "black box" to the customer).  As a side note, this project's schematic (.cysch) and pin configurations are common information between the two of us (not secret).


      In order to do this, we want to compile special.c into special.o (the object file), and then give this special.o file to the customer. 


      --> How do we create the external inputs/outputs in "special.c" so that the customer can see them, but not see the internals of special.c?