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    Using same analog input pin on Analog Mux Component PSoC3

      Hi everybody,


      I was wondering if it is possible to use same ressource - an analog input pin - which is connected on different input pins on Analog Mux component.


      Use Case:


      I would like to provide several channels for differential analog measurement which are currently muxed to ADC internally. Let's say U+ for positiv voltage and U- for negative voltage. As U- is mainly put on one voltage level(not GND/VSS) i'd like to route it externally on one pin end internally on the negative input for all differential inputs of Analog Mux then.


      Having said that I simpy worked it out and got fhe following message:


      mpr.M0099: The digital input of pin "XXX" is occupied. This pin is connected to an AMuxHW component, which indicates its digital input is expected to be controlled by the only matching hradware control signal on the AMuxHW component.


      Can somebody explain me what I'm doing wrong please?




      Thanks in advance!