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    Setting per-file custom flags from command line

      There's a bit of a mess with command line options passed to the compiler in a large PSoC Creator based project I'm working on. There's some per-file compiler options needed, but they're currently applied project wide, which is causing a substantial number of warnings in the build output.


      I'd like to jump in and fix them, but the prospect of:

      1. Find a source file
      3. Right click, select "Build settings..."
      5. Expand "Compiler" option, select "Command Line"
      7. Fix the per-file command line options
      9. Repeat

      Isn't very compelling. I poked around with cyprjmgr.exe and the other tools in the bin folder, but I don't see a documented way to change these settings via a script.


      Is there a command line tool available where I can change these settings?


      If not, can someone elaborate how to identify where the per-file build settings are stored in the .cyprj file so I can use a script to do batch edits?