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    Custom parameters on custom components. (and a feature request :) )




      I'm implementing two custom components, both based on SPI, one use the SPI ( UDB version ) and the other use the SPI on PSoC4 devices ( based on SCB block ), i'm adding some custom parameter types to one of them, it's a little time consuming so i would like to know if this custom parameters are saved as text on the cysym file, if so i could copy that text from one custom component to the other and save time.


      Also other problem i had, when creating the schematic implementation there's no way to update the custom component symbol, you can only generate it again, so i lost all the work i did before. Maybe it would be useful to add the option to update the component symbol based on the changes on the implementation.


      Hope there's a way to solve this issues.




      Thanks in advance :)