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    Problems while using CY7C68013A with innerclk



      I'm new with CYUSB and met some problems. I have made my own PCB with Altera FPGA and CY7C68013A. And I have made a mistake that I set the IFCLK pin in FPGA side as an input only pin so I have to use 68013A's internal clk.Is my understanding right that I can use it that way in synchronous slave FIFO?


      I have test my code, and found when I assert SLOE and SLRD, FD[7:0] can set the first data correctly but it seems that the FIFOptr never change, data did not change and empty flag remain high.then I try it in writing, than I found the same problem ,Ican see the FPGA program function well that the FD[7:0] repeatly raising from 0 to 256, SLWR low and IFCLK in a sin curve but empty flag still low. 


      I also tried Asynchronous mode and met the same problem. 


      I have upload my code. It wouldn't be more thanksful from me that anyone could help me to solve that problems.