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      I am working on CapSense_P4_v3_10 with CY8C4045-AZI controller for Touch sensing. I am getting problem with Touch sense detecting . I am attaching my code and Sensor settings with this mail. > After code loading I am getting all touch sensor detection. After a while suddenly one of the button was not detecting . I thought it was sensitity problem and changing sensor settings, after that also I am not getting its data. Please find attached code for your reference. Please suggest me solution for the above problem..

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          ...But you know that you are here in the PSoC1 forum??





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            ...sorry bob ...my intention is to get solution..i forgot where i am posting


            Thank u

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              What I mean is: The capsense gurus will probably not look at a PSoC1 forum. Better re-post your question in the PSoC4 forum.





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                Hello Bob and Gangadhar,




                I have moved this post under PSoC4 / PSoC4 Architecture. You will be addressed shortly.







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                  Thanks Sampath for ur help

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                    Thank you for your suggestion...Bob

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                      1. Have you tried running the tuner at your end and finding the raw counts when the button is touched?


                      2. Are you using your own custom board or one of Cypress kit?


                      3. If customer board can you share the board schematic and layout and also the entire PSoC creator project.


                      I have attached a project here which is made for one Capsense button and also includes the tuner.


                      You can run this project at your end and assign the button and I2C pins accordingly and see the raw counts in the tuner.




                      1.Project is made forCY8C4945AZI-S413(change the device if you are using any different device).


                      2.program the device and launch the capsesne tuner(right click on the capsense component to get option to launch tuner).


                      3.Configure the I2C interface, Start the tuner.


                      4.Select the button0 and see if any touch is detected when you touch the button sensor.







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                        Hi rjks,


                                     Thank you for ur reply and Now i got solved the problem by selecting Smartsense(Full Auto tune) option in Settings.But i need control over Sensor Auto reset option in Smartsense. Why means i am using Long press option in Touch button for my special functions but with Smartsense i am not getting more than1 sec time. After 1 second it is automatically resetting Widget detection. Please tell me is there any option to increase sensor auto reset time from 1 sec 5 sec.




                        Thank you.

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                          There is no provision to set the sensor auto reset time in the Capsense GUI.


                          What i would suggest is to disable the sensor auto reset and  in the firmware you can have set the baseline for the sensor after N number of scans.


                          For example you can scan the sensor to see it is active and increment a counter






                          And when this counter reaches a particular value which you desire you can set the baseline for this sensor with the raw count of the sensor.