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    Can i write directly the port



      Can I write data directly to the por? For example, can I write an 8-bit value directly to port 4? I want to write data directly to the port without using the Control Register.


      I need to do the writing process very quickly.

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          No problem: just define a pin component(named "MyPort") with 8 pins. assign MyPort[7:0] to your required port.


          Now a MyPort_Write(0b10101010) will write the pattern to the port.





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            Hi Bob


            Yeah, I did it the way you said. I created a port named HUB75 using Port 4 [7: 0]. I am writing 8-bit data to this port.


            This is my code




            These operations take 24us for 64Mhz cpu frequency. I can not increase the CPU frequency any more (for cy8c5868axi, max 68Mhz) Max data size 32. Can I use DMA to speed up this process?

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              Can you please post your complete project, so that we all can have a look at all of your settings. To do so, use
              Creator->File->Create Workspace Bundle (minimal)
              and attach the resulting file.


              Furthermore: What are you exactly intending to perform? What kind of hardware is connected to that port?