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    Problems to refresh TCPWM Compare Value




      I use a TCPWM to drive the Power Source of an LED. Period is 20Khz.


      I only change the Compare (Duty) Value of the PWM to drive the LED power.


      Every time I put a new Value in the Compare Register the LED flickers after write  one time.


      Illustration Sample:


      if  (power>100)  { duty--; TCPWM_WriteCompare(duty); }


      else { duty++; TCPWM_WriteCompare(duty); }


      Seems to be a restart of the PWM each Time when write Compare Register. I need the change only when Period restarts not inside the Period.


      I see there are an WriteCompareBuf but if I write there nothing happent in PWM Signal (swap + SetCompareSwap enabled)