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    S25FL256, reading WIP bit with STM32L micro

      I am having a great deal of difficulty making an S25FL256 serial flash memory play nice with the STM32L.

      They seem to work together OK except that when I do a sector erase, or a sector write, I can not read the status register to see when Write In Progress goes false.  When I do a bulk erase I can read the status register just fine.  And in both cases, what comes up on a 4-channel scope sync'ed to the chip select line looks identically the same and correct... yet the CPU can read it after a bulk erase but not after a sector erase or sector write.


      I'm using the device in mode 0... tried it in mode 3 and no luck.


      Also, anyone know where I can find an application note that describes using this flash memory with the STM32 family?


      Any ideas anyone might have would be greatly appreciated... thanks...