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    Controlling ramp down from TX PA gain

      I am trying to control spurious emissions during TX by slowing down the ramp up/down from the TX PA gain. I was able to configure the ramp-up by setting BIT7 of  BLE_BLERD_CFG1 register but I can't find means to control the ramp-down. I am using CY8CKIT-042-BLE. 


      Alternatively, if I extend the transmit-enable delay to 31 us by configuring BLE_BLELL_TX_EN_EXT_DELAY register, is there any way to control the TX power exclusively for that extended delay period (31 us in this case)? 


      I am working on a product using PRoC CYBL11172 and would ideally like to keep the Tx power levels for adv and connection channels at 3dBm. Spurious emissions as measured for that product are exactly same as the CY8CKIT-042-BLE kit - much more than the margin against the -47dBm specification for 3dBm (and 0dBm) TX power level. 

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          Hi jpatel_1480771,


          Unfortunately, there is no way to slow down the PA ramp down PSoC4A BLE/PRoC BLE. Also, there is no way set a different power level for the extended delay duration (nor an interrupt that indicates the completion of last bit of transmission/beginning of the extended delay period). We recommend you to follow procedure described in " Measurement of the emissions identified during the pre-scan" if you encounter any issue during the pre-scan.