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    S6E2CCAJOA GPIO Config Question


      In 《FM4_S6E2CC_Lab1_Blinking.pdf》, there is a gpio config :


      bFM4_GPIO_ADE_AN08 = 0; // AN08 to GPIO (bit 08 set to zero)


      Then, I find the Macro in PDL s6e2cc.h:


      #define bFM4_GPIO_ADE_AN08                        *((volatile uint32_t*)(0x42DEA020UL))


      I am trying to know the meaning of the code(bFM4_GPIO_ADE_AN08 = 0;)。


      But,I can't find the corresponding register or any explanation about the address 0x42DEA020UL。


      Could you tell me where to find it?


      Thank you!