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    Using dongle from CY8KIT-042-BLE with CY5672

      I'm working on a project that uses a 5 element slider to emulate a mouse wheel. The easiest way to get there for me seemed to be to take the code from the CY5672 BLE Remote Control, disable the unused functions, and port it to  CY8KIT-042-BLE board that has a 5 element slider. After beating on this thing for a couple weeks, it seems to be working. The problem I have is that it only seems to work with the dongle from the CY5672 kit. Using the CYSmart tool, it appears that the information is getting to the dongle, regardless of which one I use. However, when I don't run the CYSmart tool, the codes to scroll a page get through to the computer when I use the dongle from the CY5672 kit, but not when I use the dongle from the CY8KIT-042-BLE kit.


      Is there a way to have this interface run with a dongle that is not from the CY5672 kit?