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    Adaptive Frequency Hopping



      I have a project related to Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH). I am in basic level with the hardware and I do not know if I can have access to the


      AFH pattern and update it in SYPRESS devices. I have tried nordic and TI devices but unfortunately I could not find my answer with those hardware.







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          Can you please explain more about your requirement? Are you trying to decode a AFH pattern? 




          -Madhu Sudhan

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            Hi Madhu Sudhan


            Thank you for the reply. That is right I want to decode and use my own pattern. I want to change the blacklisting channel pattern. Identifying good and bad channels based on different method. For example, in BER based blacklisting I want to change the % of BER to identify the channel as a bad channel for the next scan.





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              Hi Ali,


              We don't have an option to find good / bad channels. You may have to do it in your application side.


              We do have direct API to select particular data channels for the BLE communication.
              CyBle_GapcSetHostChannelClassification() is the API for the same. Please go through the API description in the BLE component datasheet for details.