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    s34m16g witing problem



      I'm using S34MS16G nand flash memory with msp430f5659(system clock : 8MHz).


      I have a problem in writing sequence.


      When i read flash id, the result is correct.(0x01, 0xA5, 0xD2, 0x15, 0x5E)


      But, when i write some data(20byte or more) and read same address, the result is always  0xFF.


      Read_status command(0x70) after program_command(0x10) is 0xE0.


      the main code is below. And ext_flash code is attached.


          flashAddr.blockNum = 0;
          flashAddr.pageNum= 0;
          flashAddr.colNum = 0;


          for(testCount = 0; testCount < ECG_DATA_MAX; testCount++){
              flashBuffer[testCount] = testCount;//create buffer


          flash_randomDataInput(flashBuffer, ECG_DATA_MAX, &flashAddr);


          flashAddr.blockNum = 0;
          flashAddr.pageNum= 0;
          flashAddr.colNum = 0;
          flash_randomDataRead(testRead, ECG_DATA_MAX, &flashAddr);




      Thank you.



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          Hello Young,


          You mentioned that you are unable to write if the data is 20 byte or more. Are you able to read and write if the data is less than  20 bytes.


          Is it only happening if it is 20 or more.  Also regarding the address hope you are doing normal operation since A18 stands for Multi plane operation and block address for normal operation.


          Can try adding the delay after programming and try to read and check if you are seeing the same issue.