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    Data transmit to external D/AC using I2C

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      Please teach me how to transmit data to external 16 bit A/DC (AD5696, Analog Devices) by using I2C master in PSoC 5LP. I programmed C firmware refer to Sample Code "DelSig_I2CM" in PSoC creator, not only A/DC didn't work , but also SDA and SCL signal have been seen using oscilloscope. I think C firmware is highly likely to be wrong, but I couldn't understand reason.




      /* Parameters used:
      *  I2C Master
      *   Implementation      Fixed function
      *   Data rate           400kbps
      *   SDA SCL pin config  Open drain, drives low
      *   Pull-up resistors   1.8kΩ each
      *  Delta Sigma ADC
      *    Resolution            12 bits
      *    Conversion Rate       1000000 SPS
      *    Input mode            Single ended


      #include <project.h>
      #define I2C_SLAVE_ADDRESS    (12u)
      #define WR_BUFFER_SIZE       (2u)


      uint8   X_IN = 0u;
      uint8   temp = 0u;
      uint8   sample_segment[WR_BUFFER_SIZE];
      uint16  result[3] = {0u};


      int main(void)
              result[X_IN] = ADC_SAR_IN_GetResult16();
              sample_segment[0] = result[X_IN] >> 8u & 0x00FFu;
              sample_segment[1] = result[X_IN] & 0x00FFu;
                  temp = I2CM_MasterWriteBuf(I2C_SLAVE_ADDRESS, (uint8 *)sample_segment, WR_BUFFER_SIZE, I2CM_MODE_COMPLETE_XFER);
              while(temp != I2CM_MSTR_NO_ERROR);
              while(I2CM_MasterStatus() & I2CM_MSTAT_XFER_INP);
              temp = I2CM_MasterClearStatus();