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    Is there a way to set PDL_UTILITY_ENABLE flag?






      Although I've been enjoying my life with PSoC Creator for FM0+,


      there is one thing repeatedly annoys me.


      Which is/are the PDL_UTILITY_ENABLE_PRINTF/SCANF flags in pdl_user.h.


      Being a hacker of Unix origin, I depend on printf and scanf a lot.


      So I like PSoC Creator and PDL, which provides me the both.




      To use them I have to modify these flags manually.


      But every time the application gets regenerated or clean and rebuild the project,


      pdl_user.h gets overwritten and my modification(s) is gone.


      And to notice this I have to wait rather long time for the compiler error message


      saying there is no "Uart_Io_Init()".




      Now my QUESTION is


      Is/are there way to specify these flags from TopDesign.cysh or something


      so that the modification survive over application re-generations?




      Best Regards,




      Motoo Tanaka