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    iOS Bootloader for CY8CKIT-033A , can not implement succed




      I want to implement iOS Bootloader for a product base on CY8CKIT-033A.


      I follow chapter 5.20 of the document CY8CKIT-033A_PSoC3_MFi_DVK_User_Guide.pdf finish the firmware,and follow chapter 7 finish the EA Console iOS app.


      I download the firmware to the product via the Miniprog3, it works well.


      I modify the firmware, only change a GPIO assigned for LED, and upgrade the EA Console.




      Clean and build the project and press Run. The EA Console app was installed on the iPad mini.


      I select the Bootloader Demo, and connect the product to the iPad mini,a button "Install" is appear.


      I select the code image corresponding to my PSOC Creator project,and tap that button,the firmware is downloading to the product.


      Every thing is just fine right here.


      But, when I run the product, its behavior of the LED dose not change a bit.


      Is there anything wrong? Or something that I miss?


      Best regards.