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    Miniprog3 Cannot Acquire PSoC


      Hello everyone.


      I made a simple board using a PSoC 5LP. In order to program it, I planned on using the MiniProg3 with SWD over the 5-pin connector via the Reset method. However, I am unable to program the device. I have attached screenshots of the PSoC programmer and the schematic for the board. It seems like the MiniProg3 can detect the target voltage (5V), but not the target device.


      Any thoughts are appreciated. Apologies for the messy schematic :)

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          How are you resetting the device see this 
          For Power cycle mode Programming, XRES pin is not required. But the Host programmer must have
          the capability to toggle power (Vddd, Vdda, All Vddio’s) to PSoC 5. This may typically require
          external interface circuitry to toggle power which will depend on the programming setup. The power
          supplies can be brought up in any sequence, however, once stable, VDDA must be greater than or
          equal to all other supplies. Have you tried the Jtag programming setup?

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            Whelp the problem was just the solder connections on the header that the MiniProg3 connects to on the PCB. Everything is good to go now :)