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    PSoC 5LP dual APP bootloader

      1. I built a bootloader project with dual APP.After complie it I found there are too many differents between two app zones from bootloadable.hex file. Why this happen? 
      2. I set bootloadable address is 0x8000 and compile dual bootloadable project. App start address is 0x8011 from metadata byte 1-4 in .hex file. why it is a odd number but not 0x8000 or 0x8010. 
      3. How to realize there is no reset switch between Bootloader and bootloadable? No both hardware reset and registers are cleared.After switch from bootloader to bootloadable, some funtion became abnormal. Even if I add routine reset() manually follow on main().Only valid method is use routine  CySoftWareReset().

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          Can you please  mention what difference are you pointing between two bootloadable hex ,is it the data or something else.


          Also,can you please mention why do you expect starting address as odd number for both bootloadable in hex


          Reset is required for switch from bootloader to bootloadable,