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    CY8CKIT-042 PSoC® 4 Pioneer Kit and Bluez



      We are implementing a project using psoc4 ble. The goal is to implement simple bt le buttons that communicate using HoG to linux host. Linux uses newest kernel 4.11 and bluez is all new also, 5.44. This mostly works, however, a few questions...

      1) How can we get debug output from the psoc ble stack itself? We know how to generate ourselves debug output but sure that stack has some output of its own?


      2) We are seeing random connection timeout complete events (seems coming from psoc4) during connection establishment. Only way to recover is to pair again.  We are using 4.2 security features. Any ideas? This is one reason we would like to get 1) resolved.


      3) Are there any known issues with this kind of setup? Have people had success with psoc4 ble and bluez ?