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      I am new to BLE .So, i have gone through data sheets(CYBLE-224110-00).I am doing an project,in which i need to interface  BLE module to my microcontroller(host).


      I wish to use simple UART to send data to iOS or Android .Does UART attribute is availabe?? or need to write custom attribute for UART in BLE.


      If attribute is avilable ,how to  change the UART settings ?? 

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          Hello Priyanka,


          The BLE spec does not have any official profile like the SPP profile that exists in the classic Bluetooth space. However, it is still possible to replicate similar functionality on top of BLE and GATT transfers as long as both sides of the connection have corresponding implementations.


          You could develop such an application from scratch, but Cypress provides two time-saving options that will be much faster. At least one of them will probably work for your use case:

          1. EZ-Serial pre-compiled firmware for your target module, which is a comprehensive platform allowing host-based control of the BLE module as well as a special "CYSPP" mode of operation that allows transparent bidirectional serial data transfer. See the User Guide on the EZ-Serial web page for details on how it works and how to use it in different types of applications.
          3. UART-to-BLE peripheral example project on the Cypress "100 Projects in 100 Days" Github repository. This is a single-purpose example that does UART-to-BLE using GATT transfers. Any customization will require modifying the project source code, though this is not too difficult since the project is not complex. The Github repository has a PDF explaining the project, including both the client-side and server-side behaviors.

          One of these solutions should help you get started.



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            Hi jrow,


            Thanks for the information.

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              UART-to-BLE peripheral example project on the Cypress "100 Projects in 100 Days" Github repository.


              this example can be adapted (minimal changes) for used with PSOC63 ?