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    CCG2 Dock/Monitor Software w/ Buck/Boost




      I am utilizing the information provided by Cypress in an effort to implement a modified Dock/Monitor application described in the CCG2 USB Type-C Dock Revstar A reference design.  I am using the USB-Billboard CY7C65210-24QFN to handle the high speed applications.  However, I combined it with the reference design from the 60W Car Charger, which uses the CYPD2134-24QFN and the NCP81239 Buck/Boost controller to handle the power source application.


      I have been referred to the EZ-PD Configuration Utility to implement the application, but implementing the CY7C65210 and the NCP81239 do not appear to be part of that Utility, unless I'm missing some information.  Is there a reference source code for either reference design that I can use to start my own project in the PSoC Creator, thereby combining the two reference designs?


      Thank you!

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          Hello cstout_2342806,


          1. CY7C6510 is pre-programmed chip. If your design is correct, which is means the D+and D- from CY7C65210 have connected to USB host, the CY7C65210 should be enumerated as HID device. If the enumeration was successful, our EZ-PD Configuration Utility should be identify it after the driver have been installed. (Billboard driver could find on folder path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\EZ-PD Configuration Utility\BillboardDriver.)


          2. NCP81239 will not be appeared on EZ-PD Configuration Utility, since it is only DC/DC convector and CCG2 controlled it via I2C.


          3. I do not know what's your modified Dock/Monitor application have been done. It will be helpful if you could attach your block diagram simillar as Cypress schematic. Since I am not sure whether you have display port feature on your end or not. So far, we do not have display port sink firmware source code on CCG2. If you have display port sink, you have to refer CCG3 CTD example (folder path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\EZ-PD CCGx SDK\CCG3-CCG4\Firmware\projects\CYPD3123-40LQXI_ctd_us) to implement it.


          Best Regards,