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    Connection timeout in DeepSleep mode


      I am implementing Deep Sleep mode for low power consumption, I am able to achieve it but when MCU enters Low power mode, Bluetooth connection is lost with CySmart 1.2 . 

      Following are the connection parameters I am using: 
      #define MINIMUM_CONNECTION_INTERVAL (790u) /* 790 * 1.25 = 987.5ms*/ 
      #define MAXIMUM_CONNECTION_INTERVAL (800u) /* 800 * 1.25 = 1000ms*/ 
      #define SLAVE_LATENCY (0u) /* No slave latency */ 
      #define SUPERVISION_TIMEOUT (500u) /* Supervision timeout of 5 seconds*/ 

      IMO=12 Mhz 
      ECO trimmed to 3Mhz. 

      Please tell me how to maintain Bluetooth link with Cysmart 1.2 or any other App when device is in Deep Sleep mode.


      I also had "PSoC_4_BLE_LowPowerModes" project from Github, it works well and bluetooth connection is not lost while using that project but when I add my other code to the project then bluetooth connection is not maintained.