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    Embedded algorithm programming timeing

      For the NOR flash devices S25FL256S  (FL-S) :


      the embedded algorithm programming times are listed as 340 us (typ) 750us (max)


      Does this start at the beginning or the end of the page program command - i.e. does it include the time required to transfer the data ?



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          The embedded algorithm programming time starts at the end of the programming command sequence, i.e. when CS# de-asserted high. It is commonly known as device busy time. During this time, if the user polls the Status Register, the WIP bit will be high, indicating Write In Progress. The user needs to wait till WIP bit goes low before continuing the next access to the memory array. 


          The data transfer time depends on the host controller, i.e. clock frequency, intervals between data bytes, etc. This time is not included in the device busy time.


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