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    FX3 microsecond (or better) timestamps?


      Hi all.


      I'm currently implementing a USB3 Vision interface and require a nano-second timestamp per frame - but I can't find any timestamp API which is at least in the micro-second range. CyU3PGetTime/tx_time_get seems to be milli-second. SysTick is not available(?).


      So, how do I get a microsecond (or better) timestamp?





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          The CyU3PGetTime API provides output in millisecond. We do not have any API to give you time stamp in microseconds, but you can use a timer to do so. You can use a firmware timer using CyU3PTimerCreate and you can keep on reading the value of the timer. I can this can help you with your implementation. Please refer the Cx3UvcOV5640 firmware in the SDK to see the implementation and start of timer function. Please let me know if you have questions