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    Real Time Operating System (RTOS) and PSoC 4 BLE


      Hello everyone, and thanks again for your previous support, nowadays I will start working with RTOS, in this case I will use FreeRTOS,  application using PSoC 4 BLE module, so for that reason I  have come up with several questions such as the following:

      1. What will change when the FreeRTOS gets loaded inside the PSoC 4 BLE?
      3. Would be a difference in the way that the PSoC 4 BLE is programmed using PSoC creator?, in other words, would I still be able to program it using PSoC creator?
      5. How can I upload the FreeRTOS to the target device (PSoC 4 BLE)?
      7. Once the FreeRTOS is uploaded; how can I program the PSoC 4 BLE in other to include the "Priority scheduling (i.e., event driven)" and "Time sharing (i.e., round robin)"?

      Thanks very much indeed for all your future help