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    Debug Project with ULink2

      Hi all,




         I'm working on a project using PSoC 4 CYC8CKIT-42xx dev board.


      I'm trying different experiments with it, in particular I've exported whole project to KEIL IDE. 


      Now I'm able to compile and download to flash my project through KEIL uVision with MiniProg3 programmer/adapter.


      Next step has been to do the same with different programmer/debbuger. So I've changed my projects settings on KEIL to use ULink2.


      Now, I'm able to download my project to flash but I'm not able to debug it through ULink2 and SWD interface on the same pins used with MiniProg3.




      My question is if is it possible?


      What am I doing wrong? Are there particular settings to set?


      Every time I try to enter in debug mode with Keil I have foillowing response:


      1st tab) Cannot acces target


      2nd tab) Error: could not load kkk.axf file. Debugger aborted




      If anyone can help me it will very apprecited!




      Many thanks




      PS: PSoC rocks!