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    SCB_P4 component in CYBLE-022001-0 design

      I have a custom board with a MMA8653FC accelerometer.


      It has the I2C interface and the spec says that the address of the interface is 0x1D
      I set up a SCP_P4 component as an I2C master 
      Assigned SCL and SDA of the component to CYBLE  according to the board schematic, SCL to pin 19 and SDA to pin 18
      I'm getting a Accel_I2C_MSTR_ERR_LB_NAK error in Accel_I2CMasterSendStart routine 
      Also board schematic shows that INT1 and INT2 from the accelerometer are assigned to pins 6 and 9 of the CYBLE-022001-0.
      I don't know how to do that in PSoC creator. 
      Your help is much appreciated.


      Project is attached