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    When to call CyBle_StoreStackData

      I've read several posts to understand a way of changing a device name within the application, for example, getting a string "MyName", calling CyBle_GapSetLocalName("MyName") to set it up, and calling a function to have the new name in the advertisement/scan response packages.  I was wondering if calling CyBle_StoreStackData after CyBle_GapSetLocalName would lock in the changes of both LocalName and the advertisement packets after a power cycle?  If not, what types of changes are saved with CyBle_StoreStackData?

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          The documentation I can find in the IDE doesn't indicate anything about what it stores; It seems like it might go either way. The discovery data that the name is written to upon changing is a RAM buffer. However, it is allocated in the same way/with the cyble stack buffers, so it could very well be included with the CyBle_StoreStackData() API call.