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    Custom Build Configurations?


      I've looked in the PSoC Creator docs, on forums and other searches and couldn't find information about how to create custom build configurations.


      I'm familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio features to create custom build configurations beyond the standard Debug and Release.  It allows me to define unique conditional compile settings depending on what target I'm trying to build.


      In particular for the PSoC family it would be nice if I can have individual compile/build settings for the same app if I'm loading into the CY8KIT-042 which doesn't have a bootloader as compared to the CY8KIT-049 which does.  Without loading a separate project.


      At least for now, does anyone know how to conditionally compile the "Bootloadable" object.  I know how to enable/disable it but I'm trying to load the app it on the 042 and 049 kits correctly.



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          From https://community.cypress.com/thread/8394






          PSoC Creator 4.1 Update




          Here's an update on what to expect with PSoC Creator 4.1, planned to be released in the coming weeks!




          Web-Based Content Delivery


          With this release, you can now obtain updates to devices (including modules), Components, and code examples from the Cypress web page. This will reduce the overall size of PSoC Creator in the future, providing faster installs and updates. The other key benefit of web-based content delivery is that devices, Components, and code examples can be distributed as soon as they are ready, instead of waiting for the next PSoC Creator update.




          Pre- and Post-Build User Commands


          The Build Settings dialog was also updated to provide a User Commands page. This feature allows you to run custom, user-specified, pre-build commands before the compile steps, as well as run custom user-specified, post-build commands after PSoC Creator’s post-build step.




          Component Customizer Dialog Updates


          Cypress has made several small enhancements to the default Configure dialog to improve the user experience with Components. With FM0+ devices moving from instance-based to driver based Components, it is beneficial to present the actual struct members as they are in firmware. These enhancements enable new features in the default GUI that mean more Components can take advantage of the default interface.




          New Start Page


          This is an update to the existing Start Page to enable better, more focused content delivery to users. The static content in the Start Page (left panel) is being refreshed and the live content area (right panel) is being used to show web-based information for “Getting Acquainted” and “New in 4.1”.




          PSoC Creator 4.1 and PSoC 6


          PSoC Creator 4.1 will be a minimum prerequisite and is recommended for all to install in preparation for a PSoC 6 software toolset release that is coming soon.




          Maybe Pre- and Post-Build User Commands is what you are looking for.

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            I've seen the new PSoC Creator 4.1 feature set.  I don't think the Pre- and Post- build features will do the trick.


            Visual Studio IDE also provided custom Pre- and Post- build features. 


            The feature I'm looking for is more than the two Build configuration of "Debug" and "Release".  In Visual Studio, you can create your own build configuration and give it a new name.   For example,  I could copy the "Debug" configuration and give it a new name such as "Debug with LCD text".  I can then modify this build to have conditional compile settings to enable an LCD display component and conditional "#assert()" to dump debug info.  However, the "Debug" and "Release" builds would not have this compiled in.


            In another example, I could have "Debug 042-kit" and a "Debug 049-kit".  Each would conditionally compile for the differences between the two kit configurations.  For example, the 042-kit does not need a Bootable component but the 049-kit needs one.



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              I would be very interested in custom build configurations too.  I'm very happy to see the Pre and Post build steps, but custom configurations would also help.