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    OpenOCD stopping at end of vPortYieldFromISR


      I am trying to run the snip scan as per the Quick Start Guide in the debugger.



      The debugger comes up as expected with the first line of code - exactly as shown in the QSG. The only exception is that in the Console messages I get



      stepi ignored. GDB will now fetch the register state from the target.



      When I try to get the program to run (F8 - takes 2 continues to run) (having already set a breakpoint in the scan.c code) it stops at the end of for the vPortYieldFromISR routing in port.c. When i try to get the program to repeatedly stops here never advancing to the breakpoint in scan.c



      Without a breakpoint set the code executes without stopping. I have tried other code snips with the same results



      I think the configuration of the debugger is correct but the directions listed in the QSG seem to be for an earlier version and their are some minor differences as I installed the software