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    Error while Archiving project


      I am getting the following error when I create an Archive Bundle


      "Error: prj.M0168: The workspace/project archive failed. The given key was not present in the dictionary."


      What causes this error?


      I am using Creator 4.0 Update 1, released 12/20/2016.


      Appreciate any help with this.





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          Try to close Creator IDE, and delete 






          \Generated source\*.*


          and (maybe) project_name.cyfit


          Those steps usually help, but which one is the culprit - let us know if you have time...

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            I wish I had a better answer. But, made sure I could replicate the issue this morning - can't.


            I know I had closed/then opened Creator on Friday and the problem remained.


            The only difference this morning, is I had shut down the computer over the weekend and reboot today.


            Ish! Hope It happens again so I can try your solutions.



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