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    using one of the pins as the power of another device



      I have a problem with using GPIO pins. If I have nothing connected to the pin that I want to use, then it works well (it changes its value from 0 to 1 and from 1 to 0 if I want to), but when I connected VCC pin from another device to that pin, then I can't change port's value from 0 to 1. The idea is to make this external device run once in a while, so I want to let's say set the pin to which the VCC is connected to 1 every 10 seconds, and after that change it to 0 so that this external device will not be working more. Could anyone help me with this? I set the pin to digital output with the Strong Drive mode and Initial state drive to 0. And I'm using Port 1.5 which is pin 42.