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    Development Environment: CY8C4125LQI-S412 vs CY8C4125LQI-483

      I am confused with two PSoC microcontrollers:


      1. CY8C4125LQI-S412


      2. CY8C4125LQI-483




      Q1: Is the "CY8C4125LQI-S412" called PSoC 4 S series, and is the "CY8C4125LQI-483" called PSoC 4100 series?


      Q2: From the website of "CY8C4125LQI-S412", I found the development kit: "CY8CKIT-041-40XX PSoC 4 S-Series Pioneer Kit". Can I use it to develop the "CY8C4125LQI-483" microcontroller?


      Q3: For Q2, if I cannot use it, which development kit can I use for the "CY8C4125LQI-483" ?


      Thank you very much.