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    UART tx with two stop bits and 7 data bits


      I need to modify the default 8 1 N string of the UART transmitter possible in the PSOC 1 devices. The requirement is for 7 2 N format. Does any one know the solution as cypress tech support apparently is not interested in looking in such trivial matters. I would be glad if some one could help me.

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          Hello Girish,


          By setting the 7th bit of your transmit data, which should be in bits[6:0], you can achieve 7 2 N format. There will be no changes in the receiver at the other end. 


          Secondly, the 7th bit of the received data should be cleared. 


          There will be no change in the timing, since the overall bit count remains same for 8 1 N and 7 2 N.