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    Reuse previous designs




      I just got last week my CY8CKIT-059 PSoC® 5LP Prototyping Kit and since then I've been busy with the very steep learning curve.


      Testing things, I've created few designs (projects) of my own and now my questions are:

      1. How can I reuse/incorporate them in a larger project?
      3. Is there a way to create a custom component in my own library based on a previous simple design?

      Thank you.

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          Welcome in the forum.


          There is a "Component Author Guide" (Start -> Cypress -> PSoC Creator 4.0 -> Component Development Kit) which will show you ways to create own components. To set up a general template that contains a common structure for code and the basic components you may use the "Copy to MyTemplates" feature.


          Last alternative is to create a workspace bundle of your project which is a -zip file. This can be expanded into a different folder.