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    PSoC Production programming using J-Link




      I'm trying to find information on how to use SEGGER J-Link for production programming a PSoC CY8C4247 device.


      I have found the CY8C42xx Programming Specifications document (http://www.cypress.com/file/125271/download) but it seems to be more low-level than I need.




      Is there any documentation on how to use J-Link for erasing/flashing a PSoC?


      The reason we won't be using the MiniProg3 is that it's not supported on Linux, which is what we use in production.


      Or is there another, better, option?


      Thanks, Jacob

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          Well, it seems like I figured it out, at least partly. Something like this seems to (almost) work:


          JLinkExe -if SWD -device CY8C4247XXX-LXXX -speed 1000


          loadfile program.hex


          The program seems to start successfully but the loadfile step gives an error message:


          Downloading file [program.hex]...
          Comparing flash   [100%] Done.
          Erasing flash     [100%] Done.
          Programming flash [100%] Done.
          Verifying flash   [100%] Done.
          J-Link: Flash download: Flash programming performed for 1 range (131072 bytes)
          J-Link: Flash download: Total time needed: 3.938s (Prepare: 0.288s, Compare: 0.103s, Erase: 0.057s, Program: 3.169s, Verify: 0.103s, Restore: 0.215s)
          Writing target memory failed.


          Again, the flashing /seems/ to work since it can start the program. But it's hard to trust this in a production setup. Anyone know why it gives an error message here?


          Thanks, Jacob

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            This link describes the issue and provide some workaround-