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    CY8CKIT-037 with stepper motor / wrong recommendation in user guide?






      I want to drive the -037 board with a stepper motor. The kits user manual states a stepper motor type 42BYGH403AA or similar. I tried to find a datasheet for comparison with my stepper motor, but it seems that a datasheet for the 42B... motor is rare.


      Anyway, I found a site containing information about several types of 42B's, and the type 403 seems to be a 2.4V type. So, now I'm confused: if I understand the -037 kit schematic correctly, the motor will be driven with Vin, which is the input voltage on the power connectors J7/J8 and should be between 7-70V.


      Anyone can confirm the 42B..403 type (and can provide a datasheet), or is this really the wrong type number?