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    rom overflowed with 0 bytes??? - converted code from matlab to c -

      Hi Folks!!!!


      I made a big project using matlab and implemented DES, CRC and so on. Because i wanted to use the program on my uC i transformed the code into C. Then i used this code with the PSoC Creator. Everything seemed fine except the errors in the attached image. Now you could think damn there is no space left on the PSoC 4 but why does it say in Error No 4  region 'rom' overflowed by 0 bytes?!?!?! Do you have any suggestions ? I am really thankful for any help !!!


      And if there is really no space left on the PSoC, can you please recommend me a PSoC with a greater rom size?


      I am looking forward to any suggestions and discussions!


      EDIT: I am using the cy8ckit-049-42xx