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    PSoC Bootloader writing Metadata Row after every reset

      Hi All,


      in order to change or repair any metadata rows, the PSoC Bootloader component v1.50 calls the SetActiveAppInMetadata() function after each reset (near the end of the Bootloader_Start() function).


      This function then calls ...SetFlashByte(), which will call CySysFlashWriteRow() (in Flash.c, see code location pictures in attachment).


      In most cases the active app (and all the other metadata content) would stay the same, because it only changes when uploading a new firmware through the bootloader. The above mentioned calls are performed even if the content of the metadata row does not see any change. So am I missing something here, or is the bootloader indeed erasing and programming the metadata rows each time and thereby wasting a flash write cycle at each reset?


      Kind regards.