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    speed MOTOR BLDC (brushless)

      good morning evry one


      Am working on a project with psoc 4, i want to pilot a motor brushless with a drive carte "BLHD30K", and i want to calculat the speed motor!!


      this drive carte give a Pulse signals (pulse width: 0.3 ms) of 30 pulses per revolution of the motor output shaft are output in synchronism with the motor drive.
      Motor speed can be calculated by measuring the SPEED output frequency.

      Motor speed [tr/min] =(SPEED output frequency (hz)*60)/30

      SPEED output frequency =1/T


      like that i can also calculat the position of the motor by using an interruption every 30pulse -----> one revolution (tour),


      but i dont khnow how to calculat that? any idea !!


      thank you