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    Issue in CX3 SPI booting at 1.8V level



      We made custom board with CYUSB3065-BZXC controller and used "W25Q80EW" flash for SPI boot support. Our board is functional at 1.8V I/O level and we are not able to boot over SPI flash now.


      For reference we checked the same in Cypress EZ-USB CX3 MIPI CSI-2 to SuperSpeed USB controller RDK with hardware modification for 1.8V I/O and External SPI flash(W25Q80EW). But we are facing same issue in RDK also. However the SPI boot works fine at 3.3V level.


      Any body has faced issue in CX3 SPI booting at 1.8V level ?


      Kindly help.