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    Using Cy5677 USB dongle with LabVIEW

              Hi, I have a cy5677 USB dongle which I have to use to collect data from one of the BLE device. My aim is to read the data from BLE device to a LabVIEW program. For this I have to control the dongle from LabVIEW software. I have the CySmart API DLL's. LabVIEW will allow calling the Cysmart .net c# api DLLs. Being a newbie yo c# , I don't really understand which all functions/methods has to be used to establish the connection to dongle and to BLe and read the data. I have read through the API manuals. But not sure about the steps to achieve this. Can some one just list out the sequence functions/classes/methods to be used from the API DLL. It will be really helpful if someone has already done this using LabVIEW and is willing to share some code. I look forward to the replies. Regards Deepu