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    Programming CYBLE-012011 standalone using CY8CKIT-002 PSoC MiniProg3




      I just bought CYBLE-012011 evaluation board and the CY8CKIT-002 PSoC MiniProg3 program and debug kit. 


      I have installed:


      1. All the drivers


      2. PSoC creator 4.0


      3. PSoc programmer 3.25.0


      I am trying out the example from AN96841_Getting_started_With_EZ_BLE_Module document. Although this example is intented for CYBLE-022001-EVAL board, the only parameter I think that needs to be modified is the CAPACITOR_TRIM_VALUE which is 0x0000BCBC for CYBLE-012011. 


      I followed that document with CAPACITOR_TRIM_VALUE changed and I was able to build the project with no errors. 


      Now I am have trouble in selecting debug target


      I followed these steps:


      1. Connected my MiniProg3 to CYBLE 012011 Eval board using the 10 pin connector.


      2. In PSoC programmer under Port Selection, I can see my device being listed as MiniProg3/1614BB0011BA. I double clicked the name and a blue dot appeared before the name and the connection status changed to connected.


      3. In PsoC creator 4.0, Debug -> Select debug target. I had to close the PSoC programmer as only one program can access the device at a time. Now I was able to see my device listed as MiniProg3/1614BB0011BA. However, I could see the BLE device. When I clicked port acquire, it says "There was an error running port acquire: Can not acquire SWD device!".




      1. How do I get the PSoC creator to connect to my chip?


      2. Why CYBLE-012011 is not showing up in the Select Debug Target window?


      3.Where do I find my compiled hex file if I want to program using PSoC programmer?






      The select debug target window says, the channel is not connected to a device or the device is not powered. Do I need to power the CYBLE-012011 Eval board separately?


      I can see the status LED(green) flickering. Not sure what it means.


      Thank you