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    Updating application firmware on EZ-BLE 012011 over UART from another micro-controller




      I want to update the firmware on EZ-BLE 012011 over UART using another micro-controller. The .hex file containing the application firmware is stored in another micro-controller's flash. The file is then transferred to the EZ-BLE 012011 over UART which will flash the bluetooth module. 


      Currently, I am using MiniProg3 to program the EZ-BLE 012011. I am not sure what kind of bootloader is there by default in the EZ-BLE 012011 module(eval board). 




      1. How do I update/flash the bootloader in EZ-BLE 012011 to accept firmware over UART?


      2. If there a UART bootloader is built in already, what protocol should be followed to send the .hex file? 


      3. How to set the BLE module into bootloader state?